Balloons for Bea! (And for dad too)

There are few events in person’s life that warrant a project like this one. Let’s call it a congratulatory prank or perhaps … a delightful deed. I hesitate to call it a prank because this deed was truly celebratory, committed out of happiness for a fellow employee who had been bestowed with the honor of fatherhood for the first time.

It was the Monday morning after “Little Bea” was born that the art department also gave birth to an idea, though considerably less messy and with a lot less screaming. A brief conversation, a couple of quick glances and an exchange of devious smiles quickly became a trip to the local party store. The plan … we were going to fill the new Daddy’s office with pink balloons!

We blew up a modest number of bright pink balloons, somewhere around 80 to the best of my knowledge. But we quickly realized that this simply wasn’t getting our point across, certainly not in the awe-inspiring way we envisioned. The decision was made … get more balloons, lots more, hundreds more! We were going to FILL that room regardless of how many brain cells were lost, bloodied and battered, along the way. When the number of balloons teetered around 450+ and the room basked in soft pink glow from floor to ceiling, the delightful deed – or prank if you prefer – was done. Success!

It’s just our way of saying…“Congratulations, Dad!

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