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The Big Idea!

The Big Idea

For TriAd’s holiday gift this year, we wanted to give people a fun drink they could enjoy. To start the process, we had to figure out what drink we wanted to create. So, we broke into 3 different teams to find a recipe that incorporate our brand’s colors into a drink. We then brought in the recipes, made the drinks, taste tested and voted on which one was the best. After choosing our drink, we brainstormed on a list of names of what to call the drink, so it would reflect our values. We developed the message behind our drink to represent how we help our clients develop their big ideas. Now see how to make our Big Idea in the video below!


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TriAd Marketing & Media Wins Small Business of the Year Award



The Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the winners of the 2017 Business Person of the Year, 2017 Young Professional of the Year and 2017 Business of the Year awards. Each year, the Chamber solicits nominations for these awards from Chamber members. Following the nominations, finalists were selected and interviewed. Each finalist was judged on a list of criteria, including leadership, innovation and community involvement. The winners selected for each award category are:

Kathy Krendl, President, Otterbein University,
Nominator: Jennifer Hill, Dir. of Marketing and Communications, Otterbein University

Erin Bender, Executive Director, The Point at Otterbein University,
Nominator: Jennifer Hill, Dir. of Marketing and Communications, Otterbein University

TriAd Marketing & Media
Point of Contact: Dave Keller,

Associated Insurance Agencies
Point of Contact, Bill Bishop,

“These awards represent the very best of the Westerville business community,” said Janet Tressler-Davis, President & CEO of the Westerville Area Chamber. “We look forward to honoring these highly qualified recipients and their excellent business practices.”

The award recipients will be honored at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon, taking place on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 beginning at 11:30 a.m. at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center, 100 Green Meadows Drive, Lewis Center. The event is open to the public.

For more information on the 2017 Business Person, Young Professional or Business of the Year Awards, please contact the Chamber office at (614) 882-8917 or email

Marketing Trends to Look for in 2018

Gold Christmas 2018 - Lights Wood New YearAs the new year approaches, we are looking to see what is in store for marketing. New technological developments and the success or failure of trends in 2017 greatly impact what is to come in the near future. We have found 4 major marketing trends to expect in 2018:

The development of augmented-reality content

As Apple has officially released their iPhone 8 and iPhone X, it is obvious they are betting on augmented reality (AR) to be prevalent in the future. As these new devices go mainstream, brands will start experimenting with AR sponsored and branded content to engage the public.

In-car ads become a new marketing channel

Self-driven cars are fast approaching. Uber just ordered 24,000 Volvo SUVs to be equipped with the latest technology to be self-driving. Many brands, such as Tesla Models S, X, and 3 as well as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, are all self-driving to some degree. When drivers no longer need to pay attention to the road they will consume content, and with that content will come in-car advertisements. In the coming year, watch as brands begin to experiment with this new marketing channel.

Privacy protection becomes a major selling point

Throughout the course of 2017, there were numerous high-profile data breaches. Thus, causing consumers to favor products that protect their privacy. If consumers don’t prioritize privacy, government associations will, if they aren’t already doing so. Marketers will use this to use data security and privacy protection as a value proposition across industries.

Instagram becomes a more valuable channel than Facebook

In 2017, Instagram announced that around 800 million people use their platform each month. The latest tool introduced, Instagram Stories, already became more popular than Snapchat in only one year after it went live. Since brands started seeing more engagement on Instagram over other social media platforms, and with the greater advertising controls, Instagram is bound to become the go-to channel for brands interested in social media marketing.

No one can truly predict what will happen in the coming year, but brands must keep a watchful eye or else the trends will pass by and leave them in the dust. People will begin to expect more of brands, and to stay relevant the brands will have to keep up with the changing world.

Creative Ideas that Inspire

Mike Dubs and Eric Brown are the creative force behind all our graphics and layout design work. This dynamic duo can deliver any message in any way, between corporate-organized to creative-anarchy. Their difference in styles brings a diversity that is very needed in any broad marketing campaign.

TriAd Associates Produce Wow Signal Documentary

TriAd Marketing & Media is thrilled to announce the official premiere of the Wow Signal Documentary this Saturday, November 4th at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio! This documentary is a tremendous accomplishment for two of our associates. Bob Dawson, directed the production while Mike Shaw, wrote the script. Together they both produced the feature documentary.


The film examines the 1977 discovery of an interstellar signal believed by many to be the best evidence of communication from extraterrestrial civilization. Discovered by Ohio radio astronomer Jerry Ehman, the Wow! Signal’s origins remain a mystery and continue to intrigue. In today’s ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence, there are those who think the Wow! Signal is the real thing, while others feel that actual evidence of intelligent life beyond our own is not within our grasp.

The project took Bob & Mike from Central Ohio to Chicago, San Francisco and West Virginia. And in the process, they interviewed several incredibly intelligent people. These are folks who have dedicated their professional lives to astronomy and the pursuit of scientific knowledge. Their participation gives the Wow Signal story a depth that it could not have had otherwise. Knitting all of that together into a film that informs and entertains is a challenging process, but extremely satisfying every step of the way.

It has been a life-long dream for Bob Dawson to produce a feature documentary. In his 20-year career, this is the largest project that he has ever worked on. The connections Bob has to this documentary are vast. He worked at the Ohio Historical Society for a portion of time, during that time he was able to meet and discuss what it would be like seeing this story unfold on the big screen. Years later, he was sitting down with the same people interviewing them for the production. Bob described the project as truly an honor to work on and is thrilled to have achieved one of his career goals working with such an intriguing storyline and so many wonderful people.

Mike Shaw said that throughout his entire career, this project was one of the greatest and most rewarding projects that he has ever worked on. Mike went on to discuss, “That a story like the “Wow Signal” often reveals paths that are completely unexpected. And the documentary format, by its very nature, demands that we explore them.  What began as the story of an extraordinary event that occurred in Ohio 40 years ago, led us to the wonders of radio astronomy and the history of SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence”.

“I had the privilege of working on the “Wow Signal” with my friend and TriAd colleague Bob Dawson. He is a brilliant Director with a talent that really brought the story to life. I think we succeeded. I hope the ‘Wow Signal’ will be well-received and around for a long time!” said Mike. He also hopes to someday work on another one!

TriAd Marketing & Media cannot accurately express how proud we are of Bob Dawson & Mike Shaw for their work on this feature documentary. We are lucky to have these two talented and hardworking associates on our team. The Wow Signal Documentary is premiering at the Ohio Historical Center located in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday November 4th from 7:30-9:30 pm.Tickets for the event are free, but limited, register for one today:

We hope to see you Saturday!

Watch the full trailer for the documentary here:

Our very own, Eric Brown designed the amazing movie poster shown above!

Web Ideas that Inspire

TriAd Marketing & Media is excited to unveil our latest video series, Ideas That Inspire! Our associates are the core of our company and we want you to get to know them better. The first video features our web team, Elliott Benzle & Rowan Kempf. Learn more about the duo and what inspires them in the video below:


TriAd Marketing & Media Celebrates 45 years!

TriAd 45

TriAd Marketing & Media was originally founded in 1972 by Lee Ault, Ken Keller and Pat Reynolds with the original name of Tri’Advertising, Inc. The 3 founding partners had different reasons for agreeing on the name. Mr. Keller, who proposed the name, meant to imply “3 in advertising.” Mrs. Reynolds thought the name suggested harmony or blending of talents as a “triad” in music. Mr. Ault, whose vision shaped the early years of the company, felt the name embraced his concept of a “communications clinic”. His idea was that 3 independently owned (an advertising agency, a public relations practice and a sales promotion firm) that would collectively provide marketing expertise small local businesses required.

Inevitably, the years brought change. Mrs. Reynolds left the company in 1979 and in 1986, Mr. Ault sold his shares in the company to Mr. Keller. Dave Keller, current President of TriAd Marketing & Media, bought out Ken’s shares after his retirement in 2001.

Now that we have learned about the history of TriAd Marketing & Media, let’s talk about where we are today. On October 1st, 2017 TriAd will have been in business for 45 years. Currently operating with 14 full-time staff members whose expertise range from new trends in the industry such as web development, SEO, social media and video production to the skills that the company was founded on such as marketing, publication editorial and production, communications, sales promotion and public relations.

Web Developer, Rowan Kempf, has been at TriAd Marketing & Media for almost a year now. He noticed right away the unique personality our company has. “TriAd has a special personality, something that sets our team apart from other companies; this personality lives in the work we do and the clients we serve, and I think they sense that. Since my first day, I have seen the TriAd team strive to make our personality shine and to innovate our services, aims that I believe have helped this company’s legacy thrive”, said Rowan. Our 14 individual personalities fit like pieces of a larger puzzle that make up the personality of TriAd Marketing & Media.

Not only do our different associates work well together to achieve the best results for our clients, but we genuinely care about one another and our lives outside of work. Crystal Vance, Advertising Sales Representative, has been at TriAd for almost 7 years and is grateful for the friendships she has made during her time here. “The thing that sticks out most for me about my work family is when I was pregnant with my daughter and had to be on bed rest in the hospital for weeks leading to her birth. Many TriAd staffers came on their lunch hour or after work to hang out with me and help alleviate the boredom.  Then, when she was born the whole staff piled into my tiny hospital room to visit with her. It was very sweet,” said Crystal.

In addition to our wonderful associates, TriAd Marketing & Media would like to thank our clients. We would not be where we are today without you. TriAd is looking forward to many more successful years!

2017 Brand New Conference


Last week, our associate, Rowan Kempf, drove 320 miles to Chicago, Illinois to attend the 2017 Brand New Conference, a two-day event regarding corporate and brand identity. The largest event of its kind, the conference attracted 1,000+ identity design devotees from across the world. Rowan had the fortune to listen to 20 design leaders as they shared their backgrounds, work experiences, and personal lessons accumulated over the course of their careers. Below, he briefly reflects on the conference and its content.

As a web developer, what could I possibly learn from this event to implement in my area of specialization? To some, corporate and brand identity may seem far removed from web development; however, I believe that an identity-thinking approach is relevant not only to my specialization but also to most every profession. Among other topics, the conference speakers described methodologies like “budget your mistakes and minimize risks” or “stick to your priorities.” In the context of corporate and brand identity design, a set of principles like these can help to strip away unnecessary or misleading design choices that would obfuscate an identity; likewise, any similar set of principles could be an effective guide for web developers, like me, and professionals like you.

Here at TriAd Marketing & Media, our team has its own set of principles. We are client-focused and forward-thinking, we value accountability, we believe in service excellence, and we are passionate in all that we do. The success of a team relies on its ability for individuals to collectively align themselves with values like these. They provide meaningful direction, a purpose. Having attended the Brand New Conference, I am inspired to develop a personal set of principles that guide my decisions to be the best that I can be, and I encourage you to do the same!

Photo Credit: UnderConsideration 

Video Ideas that Inspire


Captivate, indeed.

When our client, Zink Foodservice, wanted to increase awareness of their ‘Zink University’ (ZU) education program, we decided to make a Hollywood-style movie trailer, showing ZU is more than just a ‘class’. We helped promote the program and boost participation and recognition throughout their industry. This is what we do.

With more than 30 years of video production experience, our award-winning team will take your corporate story and make it shine. With video, we do more than just communicate – we fascinate. Check out the video examples on our YouTube channel to see how we can tell your corporate story and get people talking about YOU!

2017 Florida Transportation Builders’ Association Annual Convention

Over the past weekend, our associates, Jerry Marks and Crystal Vance of TriAd’s Publication Staff attended the Florida Transportation Builders’ Association Convention held at Amelia Island’s Ritz Carlton.  TriAd Marketing & Media has had the privilege of working with the FTBA for many years now. TriAd covered more than 22 hours of convention activities for Florida Transportation Builder magazine, which is one of five association magazines we produce.

Every year, the summer issue of the magazine is released at the convention and is a huge hit! In addition, TriAd Marketing & Media provided little bottles of aloe to help relieve the sunburn from the previous day’s outdoor activities. The convention is an excellent networking opportunity for the members of the organization.

This was the 11th Convention for Jerry and 7th for Crystal. “Being an FTBA Convention “veteran,” this event is an opportunity to reacquaint myself with FTBA staff, members and their families, as well as stay atop the issues facing Florida, its heavy-construction industry and transportation system. I have developed a tradition of sorts with several FTBA members and FDOT staff in taking yearly photos of families. This year I was reminded of a photo I had taken six years ago of a then high school sophomore that is now a college senior; the parents thought so much of the “family photo” that it remains on their cellphone to this day” stated Jerry.

“FTBA – from the association staff to its members – know how to host an event and throw a party. From Thursday’s Welcome Reception to Sunday’s Prayer Breakfast – and the more than 60 hours of scholarship breakfasts, general sessions, roundtable discussions, chairman induction and more in between – the association’s staff and resort staff had everything well organized. This was appreciated not only by attendees, speakers and guests, but also by myself in covering the events for the upcoming magazine issue” discussed Jerry about the convention.

“For me, I always enjoy the passing of the gavel to the new FTBA Chairman.  This year Bob Schafer (Ranger Construction) gave a charming speech that involved a humorous video dedicated to FTBA President Bob Burleson about herding cats and also reaffirmed that the FTBA members are a family”, Crystal exclaimed when asked about her favorite parts of the annual convention.

The FTBA associates work tirelessly to make the convention fun, informative and a great opportunity to see industry partners. Crystal also enjoyed the yoga, pool party and as always, the family friendly costume party that takes place every Friday night of the convention. The theme for the costume party changes every year, which allows people to expand their creativity from year to year. The theme for this year was “A”, every costume had to be something that started with the letter A. The convention is the perfect mix of business and fun!

To our clients, we thank you not only for the hospitality we receive when we attend these events, but also the privilege of working with you. Having the opportunity to cover our clients’ annual meetings, conventions and conferences is one of the nicest benefits of doing what we do. We look forward to more years together!