Brand Image – TrimParts, Inc. chooses a First Class ticket!

In his now classic work Ogilvy on Advertising, the great David Ogilvy David Ogilvy (businessman) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia had this to say about brand image: “It pays to give most products an image of quality – a First Class ticket.”  That message rings as true today as ever. And it was recently embraced in fine style by TRIAD client TrimParts, Inc. Trim Parts of Lebanon, Ohio.

TrimParts makes premium restoration parts for classic cars and trucks.  Licensed by GM and Mopar, they produce emblems, lenses, door handles and custom carpet for Chevy Pontiac, Plymouth and Dodge classics.  Compared to other parts on the market, TrimParts delivers exceptional quality – in the truest sense of the word – and superior craftsmanship.   TrimParts restoration parts are manufactured to original specifications, then hand-painted, hand-assembled and hand-inspected to rigorous quality control standards. The difference is very easy to see!

In a competitive market filled with lesser quality products and cheaper prices, TrimParts took the high road in its advertising.  In the spirit of David Ogilvy, they elected to give their brand image a “First Class ticket” – perfectly crafted, superior quality, higher priced, and worth every penny.  TRIAD Inc. was charged with creating that brand image and bringing it to life in advertising, collateral materials and a trade show display.

Initial creative concepts ranged from “product is hero” to “product in use” with imagery that celebrated finished restorations as well as the actual finishing parts.  TRIAD partnered with location photographer extraordinaire Todd Yarrington and captured absolutely gorgeous images of a ’57 Chevy, a hot red Camaro, a canary yellow Roadrunner and a couple of classic Corvettes.

The TRIAD creative team crafted a series of elegant magazine ads with the colorful car images front-and-center, then fading into black.  Copy stayed true to the premium quality positioning with headlines including “Perfection has its price.  Satisfaction is priceless.” and “The Real Deal.  If it’s not TrimParts, it’s not worth it.”

The ads targeted classic car enthusiasts in magazines such as Hemmings Classic Car, Corvette Fever, and Chevy High Performance. The brand imagery was then adapted for a capabilities brochure detailing the TrimParts story and a trade show display makeover that will be unveiled in the future.

The new TrimParts brand image successfully captures the essence of a superior company creating superior products.  A First Class ticket all the way.  Mr. Ogilvy would be proud.

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