Calendar Season! ‘Tis here again!

Long about midsummer or early fall, clients begin thinking about their company calendar for the next year.  This year was no exception and TriAd has enjoyed a full plate of 2013 calendar design projects for the past few months.  And now that all have been printed and delivered, it’s a great time for a few moments of reflection.

To put it simply, there’s just something very special about calendars.  Despite the unrelenting bombardment of digital formats for desktop, laptop and mobile phone, the traditional printed calendar retains its popularity.  For companies, the annual calendar is an opportunity to present their brand image in a unique but classic format.  It’s also neat way to reprise marketing and creative themes used throughout the past year.  And of course, an attractive wall calendar keeps the company name in front of customers every day.  But over and above all the marketing advantages, most companies present calendars to their clients and customers as an annual gesture of friendship and goodwill.  Here is a peek at the 2013 calendars that TriAd has designed for several very different clients.

Team Fishel specializes in Utility Engineering, Construction and Network Installation.  They have a robust corporate culture and a highly skilled workforce – their Teammates – that is second to none.  An ongoing video series produced in 2012 featured Teammate describing their strongest motivators, the things that give them a “Fire in the Belly.”  Twelve of these Teammates anchor the 2013 calendar along with action photos of Team Fishel on the job.  With visual continuity provided by eye-catching corporate colors and graphic backgrounds representing industries served, the Team Fishel 2013 calendar is a winner!

Main St. Group is an international Packaging, Promotion and Print Management firm known for creative solutions in each of their specialty areas.  In keeping with their annual corporate tradition, Main Street’s 2013 calendar celebrates each month with exquisite photographs of North American landscapes.  Our challenge was to blend the nature photography with Main Street’s contemporary brand identity and call-to-action theme – “thINK fresh, thINK extraordinary, thINK outside the shell with Main St. Group.”

Sutphen Corporation has been a premier manufacturer of fire engines since 1890 and enjoys a well-established brand image in the fire service industry.  Their 2013 calendar features photos of Sutphen fire trucks that currently serve in fire department fleets throughout the United States.  But the most unique feature of this calendar appears in the actual monthly grids.  As in past years, we’ve added a repetitive sequence of graphic icons that match the Days On/Days Off scheduling pattern unique to the fire service.  It’s a handy tool that makes the calendar more useful for our firefighters.  Sutphen’s brand identity provides the graphic continuity that ties this calendar together.

Finally, we’ve also had the opportunity to design a calendar that is quite different than most – different in the sense that it celebrates no brand identity.  That’s right!  This one is generic.  It is a Quarterly Desk Calendar series designed for our client UBT Promotions and featured in their annual promotional catalog.  Any company can purchase it in quantity and then personalize with logo and copy for their promotional use. The calendar theme is Nature’s Perspectives and features an exceptionally attractive mix of landscape photography.  We came up with a subtle but visually appealing design that showcases the delightful photography on both monthly grids and full pages.  It’s pretty neat.

So there you have it – the 2013 calendar collection from TriAd’s creative team.  Each was challenging, fun and indeed something very special!

Team Fishel 2013 Calendar

Main St. Group 2013 Calendar

Sutphen 2013 Calendar

UBT Promotions 2013 Calendar

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