Chili Bowl 2014…it gets better every year!

Another year, another VERY successful TriAd Chili Bowl! This time around, besides some unbelievably tasty chili and some unbelievably terrible bowling, we decided that ‘team presentation’ would be paramount for the ultimate prize of champion. After some humiliating and scientifically-baffling bowling scores, each Team presented their chili concoction to official judge Mike Todd. But in the judge’s chambers this year was something new – a VIDEO CAMERA. Each presentation was not only simulcast live to the rest of the nail-biting participants; it was also recorded for posterity and/or blackmail. While each team gave a great performance, it was ‘BJ Chili’ who scored a perfect 300 with their live music/dirty verses presentation. And while that might seem impressive, only a combination of bowling/presentation/chili taste can take the whole prize. It was the ‘Lowdown Mudhole Ramblers’ who took home the gold this year, with a total high score of 422. They also had the top bowling score, which is way too low to mention in this writing. Team ‘Chum Bucket’ won the honor of ‘best tasting chili’, which was apparently just ‘thrown together’ by master cook Elise Dunn.

Check out the photos from this year’s TriAd Chili Bowl! And while you’re at it, watch the video highlights of the presentations! We’ll see you next year for Chili Bowl #5!

2014 TriAd Chili Bowl Team Presentations

2014 TriAd Chili Bowl Team Presentations

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