Chili Bowl 2015…good times roll again!

Spicy stew, horrendous bowling and grown men in animal costumes… it can only mean one thing: the TriAd Chili Bowl! This year, we celebrated our FIFTH ANNUAL with some really amazing chilis, and some very unusual presentations. Mike Todd (from the Columbus Blue Jackets) once again returned to pass judgment on our cooking and performing skills. He had a VERY difficult time choosing between our delicacies, but ultimately, the winner was ‘Writers Block Ink’, with their 1970’s Woodward and Bernstein newspaper theme and Jack Daniels chili (yum!). Other teams included the 80’s-inspried ‘VHS Players’; the friendly ‘BeSocial’; the Bob Ross/Squirrel team of ‘Happy Accidents’; the persistent ‘Super Salesmen’; and the happy-go-lucky ‘Beer and Drunkin’ Cat’.

Bowling-wise, we did as well as we could using lopsided bowling balls and a bumpy, carpeted hallway. ‘Beer and Drunkin’ Cat’ stepped up and bowled the day’s high score of 58 (seriously, it’s hard). But ultimately, it couldn’t beat the combined bowling/chili score of ‘Writers Block Ink’, who was crowned grand champion and presented with our new, ‘golden toilet seat’ trophy.

Check out the pictures below to see us in our glory! We’re already planning for next year’s Bowl – we’ll see you then!

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