Chili Bowl 2017

Here’s how it went down, seven teams of 2 were asked to make the most boss chili of all time. Each team had to choose a clutch 80’s pop culture reference for their chili and team. From Alf to Atari and Rubik’s to Rocky III, the era had a ton of great themes to choose from. Presentation points played a huge role in this year’s Chili Bowl. Our seven teams whipped out all the stops. Presentation included anything from sportin’ costumes, song/dance and food fanciness.

The point breakdown went as follows:

100 points for chili quality

100 points for presentations

300 points for each team’s bowling score

The 80s were a monumental decade and our teams pulled out all the stops when it came to their chosen theme’s presentation. The teams, their names and what their themes were based on can be found below:

Stacy & Crystal – Cup of Ambition (based on the movie 9-5)

Chelsea & Eric – Chili Idol (based on Billy Idol’s White Wedding)

Dubs & Elliott – Smurfs

Janine & Mark – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Dave & Jerry – M*A*S*H

Bob & Shaw – The 2600s (based on Atari)

Rowan & Teresa – Don’t you forget about our Chili (The Breakfast Club)

The day was a blast (from the past) at TriAd Marketing & Media. The chilis were out of this world this year! We had an Asian inspired cuisine, one included coffee, two different white chilis and a couple with quite a kick! Don’t You Forget About Our Chili won the Chili portion of the contest with their breakfast themed chili which included sausage and a fried egg. It was incredible! Team Chili Idol ended up being victorious overall due to their all-star bowling skills. It was a fantastic event we are looking forward to next year already!

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