Chili Bowl 2019 Was A Success!

Last week we held TriAd’s annual Chili Bowl event. This year’s event was a little different from past years, but the bowling aspect was just as difficult. We partnered up in teams of two to hurl preschool-sized bowling balls down the TriAd hallways to knock down as many plastic pins as we could. Each partner bowled 10 frames and the points were added together for the team total. Jerry and Ryan took the title of 2019 Chili Bowl champions with a whopping total of 159 points.

Everyone who wanted to show off their best chili creation was welcome to do so. We had 5 tasty chili recipes to choose from and everyone added their own special flare. Tiffany and Elliott chose to have their own competition where each chili recipe had to include pineapple. Tiffany made more of a traditional chili with sausage and other typical chili spices while Elliott took a more daring approach to the competition. He included the mandatory pineapple ingredient while also including non-traditional ingredients like fish sauce. Everyone at TriAd was pretty thrown off by this ingredient and many different ideas were flying as to what fish sauce actually is. To clear things up, fish sauce is a Thai and Vietnamese sauce used as a flavoring or condiment, prepared from fermented anchovies and salt. Not as bad as what we were all thinking.

Stacy’s chili included turkey, corn, and other chili flavorings along with her secret ingredient, a Hershey’s chocolate bar. Mark brought a chili that has been in his wife’s family for over 40 years. It’s a thick and slightly sweet chili made with Italian sausage. Eric also took a different approach on his chili recipe. He used steak a bottle of Jackie O’s Dark Apparition Russian Imperial Stout. He accidentally flipped the measurements for cayenne pepper and chili powder and ended up adding way more cayenne pepper than what was called for, but nonetheless, it still turned out great!

All in all, we had an awesome afternoon of full tummies, hilarious competition, and great conversation. TriAd values its creative, team atmosphere, strengthened by team-building events like these.

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