TriAd Chili Bowl Wrap Up

Oh how time flies. It’s hard to believe we have already completed the 2nd annual TriAd Chili Bowl, held last Friday at the beautiful TriAd Hallway Lanes. This year, besides dividing into teams, cooking up some tasty chili, and hurling a lopsided plastic ball towards colorful pins, we stepped it up a notch by making CELEBRITY chili recipes. On deck were the recipes of Walt Disney, Johnny Cash, Gene Autry, Zac Brown, and President Barack Obama. And what’s even better than celebrity chili? Teams dressing up as their chosen celebrities! Everyone showed up in fine style, and with some hilarious results.

Judging of this year’s Chili Bowl was handled by the Columbus Blue Jackets’ in-arena host Mike Todd, who also happens to be a Central Ohio restaurateur. Mike owns Columbus restaurant ‘BT Hoagies’ ( – an awesome place with amazing food! Mike judged each team’s chili based on aroma, color, consistency, taste and after-taste. And while everyone made truly delicious chili, it was Johnny Cash’s that caused Mike Todd’s stomach to scream with joy. This sirloin-based chili was both hearty and spicy, and was presented to Judge Todd in a bowl that was surrounded by an open flame (a Ring of Fire – get it? get it?). The presentation also included authentic Johnny Cash music, and tiny replica Johnny Cash records. Congratulations to Mike Dubs and Jerry Marks on a job well done!

The Man in Black also ruled the TriAd Hallway Lanes. Team Johnny Cash swept the series and took home the bowling victory with a score of 62. Johnny Cash teammate Mike Dubs actually scored the very first strike in TriAd Chili Bowl history! Walt Disney teammate Mark Wolf captured the day’s first spare. And Gene Autry teammate and Chili Bowl commissioner Bob Dawson made a bowling ball go AROUND the pins. Nice work.

Congratulations to all of our participants for great bowling, sweet costumes and the best chili we’ve ever made! Looking forward to more excitement and indigestion next year!



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