Chili Bowl 2013 – Ultimate Edition

It’s been a month, but we have finally recovered from the excitement of TriAd’s 3rd Annual Chili Bowl! And once again, Chili Bowl commissioner Bob Dawson set up some crazy, complex rules that sent shockwaves throughout TriAd’s creative community…

This year, we split up into 6 teams of 2, and were assigned one of 3 main ingredients: beef, chicken and turkey. Each team had to not only make an insanely delicious chili with one of said ingredients, but ALSO had to model their team – in some way – around that ingredient. TriAd’s legendary creativity was cut loose, and teams did everything from making custom t-shirts and complex food presentations, to renting costumes and gobbling like a turkey. Columbus Blue Jackets’ Mike Todd again joined us to pass judgment (and wind) after tasting some pretty awesome chili’s. Points were given for chili taste and presentation, with extra points gained from the team bowling score captured in TriAd’s beautiful hallway lanes. While all of the chili’s were close ties, it was team ‘Wild Turkeys’ who took home the gold after a ‘semi-pro’ bowling score of 62.

Check out the photos from this year’s TriAd Chili Bowl. We’ll be back in 2014 for more chili, more bowling, and more fun…

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