Core Value #2: Passion In All That We Do

Our next core value that is vital to our company is, Passion In All That We Do. Fortunately, this comes naturally for everyone here at TriAd Marketing & Media. Each and every person can honestly say they love their job, the industry and the fun we have here at work. That is something that makes this place so great. We know that a happy agency = happy clients.

We have fun doing what we do, working and playing here at TriAd. The work itself is fun for our employees because of the passion they have for what they do. “I love what I do! I love sitting down at my computer, putting my headphones on, cranking my tunes and clicking my way to creating the most bad@$$ artwork I can create. Regardless of how big or small the client, regardless of budget, I want it to look the best I can. My passion for this is to make things look awesome, that is what I want in the work I do at TriAd” said Graphic Designer, Eric Brown.

Not only are we passionate about the work we do, we are passionate about TriAd. We have different events throughout the year that let us step away from the work for a couple hours and enjoy a drink and a laugh together. Our favorite events include: Chili Bowl, TriAd-A-Lawn, Putt Wars, the annual Christmas party and the occasional happy hour just to celebrate a Friday.

Our team is unique, each and every member brings something different to the table that we would not function as well without. We are passionate and persistent, and deliver big results.

We also want to give a huge thanks to Eric for creating these wonderful Core Value posters that are hanging on the walls of TriAd (and pictured to the left).

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