Core Value #5: Client Focused

Being Client Focused operates on several levels. At the most basic, it means being diligent the with day-to-day responsibilities of marketing communications – project management, art, writing – whatever your specialty happens to be. Next level up, it means embracing the responsibility that comes with partnership and bringing new ideas to the table – sound ideas that have real potential to further the client’s business. But over everything else, being Client Focused means truly caring about the client’s business, believing in it, and treating it as your own. That is the spirit of true, long-lasting partnership.

Each and every client we have here at TriAd Marketing & Media is important to us. Our variety of different clients and their needs is what makes the agency world exciting and constantly changing. We promise to listen and to provide the highest-quality, best-value creative work. We are focused on building personal, long-term relationships through honesty and respect.

One of the things we truly value here at TriAd is the length of some of the relationships we have held with clients over the years. Our client, Team Fishel has worked with TriAd for over 40 years. “A 40-year partnership with a great client like Team Fishel provides extraordinary insight and exceptional opportunities. You become immersed in their corporate culture. You develop a deep understanding of their business. And over the years, you contribute to every facet of their marketing communications. It is an incredible experience” said Account Executive, Mike Shaw.

Our clients are our partners, our success comes from their success. Thank you to all of our clients for their business over the years!

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