Counting the Final Days & Pages of 2012

Entering the final month of the year it seems like countdowns and numbers become important to a lot of us: grade school students and the Tiny Tim Cratchits among us are counting the days until Christmas vacation; family members and the Bob Cratchits are counting the days preparing for family and friends to arrive for the holidays; and administrators are doing their “Ebenezer Scrooge number crunching” to see if quotas will be met by the time we turn the calendar.

Well, the TriAd magazine staff is continuing to work feverishly in producing our final publications for 2012. (Thank you boss for the coal supply and desk-side stoves.) Our production team of writers, artists and sales representatives are on track to produce (OK boss, we will produce) a total of 36 magazine and special issues, member directories and award programs that are supported by both editorial and advertising sales. That’s approximately 1,050 pages of magazines and programs and 1,000 pages of directory production. It’s also more than $800,000 in advertising sold and approximately a half-million written and edited words – but who’s counting?

TriAd publications have been serving our clients and informing readers for more than 30 years. Over that time we have established ourselves as experts in heavy-construction, highway infrastructure and construction writing throughout the eastern half of the United States. There are countless stories to be told and we love telling them.


So, at the time of the year when countdowns come to the forefront, we would like to count our blessings in producing Construction Connection, Florida Transportation Builder, Highway Builder, Ohio Asphalt, Ohio Contractor and Tennessee Road Builder and the respective association’s directories.

While the TriAd magazine staff takes great pride in making sure each of our clients’ individual message is voiced in their publication, we think one quote sums up our hope for everyone as we finish up a successful 2012: “God bless us every one.”

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