Custom Wall Calendars Make Great Gifts

Custom wall calendars are no doubt one of the hardest working tools in your marketing toolbox. None of our clients know this simple truth better than the Sutphen Corporation. It isn’t a difficult choice to show off your product when it’s a fully-loaded and meticulously engineered heavy duty fire truck. Each month shows a different truck, showcasing the fine craftsmanship of the Sutphen team. 


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Custom wall calendars can do so much more

Our clients opt for wall calendars because they stand out from other promotional items in a number of different ways:

Calendars are visible

With striking imagery and a variety of different things to showcase each month, customers and friends will certainly hang them up in their office, kitchen, or garage.

Calendars are practical

Calendars serve a purpose. Whether they serve as a reminder for that dentist appointment on Monday, that the Fourth of July falls on a Saturday this year, or just as a decoration… The calendar will be used much more often than that cheap beer koozie currently residing somewhere in the back of my junk drawer. 

Calendars work 365 days a year

There aren’t even a lot of items in general that are usable all year. A branded baseball cap is replaced by a beanie in the winter. The branded ice-scraper sits in a glove compartment all summer. And let’s be honest, I never even once used that branded beer koozie.

It’s for everyone

Everyone needs a calendar. Whether it’s tracking work deadlines or the grandkid’s birthdays. And when that calendar is on display, everyone who walks by will get a nice image with a friendly reminder that your brand exists and that you can be quite punctual when you want to be. 

Custom dates and times can be pre-loaded

Does your workforce or customer have a special day that needs to be remembered? Special holidays, yearly meetings, founders’ birthdays, company “birthdays”, and so on. Custom date insertion is a simple but defining characteristic that will greatly increase the value to the recipient.  

It will become a tradition 

When a promotional item is so popular that you start to hear, “you just have to do it again next year”… that’s how it becomes a tradition. Mechanic shops, fire stations and engineering offices across the country are proudly showcasing Sutphen’s wall calendar each year, and they must be doing something right! They are well known across the whole country as a high-quality craftsman of heavy duty fire trucks for over 130 years.

custom calendars

Sutphen has entrusted our graphic designers at TriAd Marketing & Media to layout, design and print their yearly wall calendar for 15 years!  It’s a fun project and brings real value to their workforce and customers, and we are so happy to help bring it to life each year! 

If you are interested in making your own wall calendar, or would like to see our other custom wall calendars designs, contact us at


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