Defining the Brand…when YOU are the Brand!

A TriAd StoryLet’s be honest.  Brand development is a feat seldom accomplished with ease.  It takes an incredible amount of thought, some creative wheel-spinning, and exploration of thorny paths to nowhere until you finally discover the true brand essence.  (Perhaps “gradually reveal” is more accurate than “finally discover.”)  It’s a process of sorts, and no matter how you approach it, there is much to consider.  The personality of the company, the relevance of the work they do, the trends within their industry, even the brand identities of competing companies are key players in the branding game.  These factors alone create an interesting challenge for brand development.  Stir into the mix the fact that the company is your own and you’ve made it a very personal endeavor…and even more challenging!

This was the challenge presented to the creative team at TriAd. How can we present our own brand in a fresh, appealing and interesting way?  A traditional capabilities brochure that touts our virtues…nah!  A new digital trick…nope!  Instead, we reverted back to the special time that is common to all…childhood.  Using old children’s books as inspiration, we created the story of William and the trials and tribulations he faced while searching for his company’s brand identity.  Written and illustrated entirely by the TriAd staff, we called our little book simply, A TriAd Story.

Throughout the book’s development, it was important for the TriAd artists to tell William’s story while also giving the reader a taste of our own personality.  We wanted William’s story to reveal things like our belief in really listening to our clients, our laid back workplace, and how we care about every client’s business as much as they do. These are things that define TriAd’s unique brand personality and they come along with the great work that we produce every day.

Were we successful?  Does A TriAd Story present our brand in a fresh, appealing way?  You be the judge!


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