Demographic Divisions among Social Media Users

A recent research brief from MediaPost Publications summarizes a comprehensive social media survey conducted over several years by the Pew Research Center.  The data provides food for thought and a bit of speculation.

The Pew survey indicates that 67% of internet users overall are active with any social networking site. The social media landscape further breaks down as follows with Facebook preferred by a wide margin:

Adult Media Preferences
Medium % Adults Preferring
Facebook 67%
LinkedIn 20
Twitter 16
Pinterest 15
Instagram 13
Tumblr 6
Source: Pew Research Center


From an age standpoint, social media usage still swings heavily toward younger demographics.  The usage level declines steadily for each older age group.  In fact, social media use by adults 65+ is less than half of the usage by young adults 18-29.  This relationship has been consistent since 2005.


Social Media Users
Age Group % Using Social Media
18-29 83%
30-49 77
50-64 52
65+ 32
Source: Pew Research Center


There is lots of great information in the Pew study but it’s time to make a few predictions of our own. Here goes!

  • The use of Facebook by younger adults will remain high but plateau.  This group will still get their daily dose of “Likes” and interaction with friends but will eagerly continue exploring new social media venues.
  • Look for Pinterest and Instagram to take off like wildfire, both for individual users and businesses. Their focus on visual imagery is
    irresistible to all.
  • Social media usage by the 50+ crowd will continue growing by leaps and bounds.  This group becomes more social media savvy with each passing month and the proliferation of social media venues offers something for everyone.

Keep and eye on these trends!  Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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