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Drone Photography & Videography

Looking for a aerial photo & video solutions? We are FAA Part 107 Certified to fly drones for commercial operations. Get a new perspective with high-flying visuals for your property or video shoot!

Aerial Photography & Videography Services

The Benefits of Hiring an FAA-Certified Pilot

We are FAA-Cettified under part 107 for commercial done operations. This means that we can request special drone operations to the FAA to fly in controlled airspace, some operations are available for instant-approval. And for more-difficult flights, we can request waivers for flying at night and within restricted areas. Being Certified allows us to fly commercially, unlike other pilots who are limited to "hobby" operations and cannot legally charge for their services. FAA-Certified pilots are trained to be compliant in all FAA rules and regulations for small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), which have become streamlined over the last few years.

Scheduling Your Drone Photography Shoot

Sometimes you need to take the photos/video ASAP, and other times you can afford to wait for the perfect moment. Here are some things we consider when planning our shoots:

Weather: Drones cannot fly in the rain or moderate snow. We can easily fly up to 25mph winds if needed. We can fly in extreme temperatures.

Sun Position: It's always best to take photos in sunny or partly cloudy days. A few small clouds in a blue sky can provide a beautiful backdrop for your photos. The angle of the sun needs to be considered when filming real estate. You want the sun to be directed perfectly onto the front face of your building. This will determine the time of day for the shoot (or time of year for North-facing buildings).

Plants & Foliage: If there are trees in your photo, it's usually best if they have leaves! Spring, Summer & Fall are the time to take photos with trees. Bonus points if you can manage to schedule your shoot during the 2-3 weeks each year when the leaves are changing colors or when the floral trees are blooming.

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