“The Elf Did It!” – Hard Work, Great Times and Congrats!

Last week, TriAd released a brand new holiday video, “The Elf Did It!”, and it’s quickly become a crowd pleaser! We’re delighted that everyone is enjoying the story along with a good laugh or two!

Now we’d like to take a few moments to look behind-the-scenes and extend some very well-deserved kudos. As most folks know, many hours and lots of work go into making a video. Enjoying the process from start to finish always makes it better, but there is no escaping the time and diligence required. And while everyone at the agency experienced a few moments in the limelight, most of us basically followed the director’s instructions and did our bit. Of course we all had a blast, but the real credit goes to a couple of guys who made the whole thing happen.

We officially give a huge round of applause to Eric Brown, our graphic artist and star of the show, and Bob Dawson, our master story teller, producer and director. Their outstanding talent and days of dedicated work turned a magical idea into reality. They also lifted the holiday spirit at TriAd right through the roof! Merry Christmas and many thanks to Eric, Bob and of course…the Elf!

If you missed the release of “The Elf Did It!” we invite you to check it out right here. You’ll enjoy a few minutes of great holiday fun – guaranteed!

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