Eric’s Holiday Inspiration

‘Twas hours before this season’s Big Day,
When the Blogfather came in with something to say.
“An awesome blog you now must write,

And this time allow no scares, fears or fright.
‘Tis the holiday season, so make it cheerful and bright,

And if you must be sure to stay up all night.”
“On the condition that it’s relevant to our industry and trade,”
Was the petition TriAd’s art director Michael Dubs had made.

What inspires me and gets my artistic motor running,
Comes often from artists whose work I find stunning.
But it’s movies that most inspire my creative mind,
And this one was perfect, the best you could find.
A Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton’s classic stop-motion flick,
With old-school cinema techniques and a clever twist on Saint Nick.
Halloween taking over Christmas and all of its tradition!
Where do I sign up for that sort of mission?

With a distinctive look and feel clearly its own,

The artists and sculptors were badass to the bone.
A well-crafted cast with characters so brilliantly invented,
Mischievous, quirky and a little bit demented.

Throughout the story they never relented,

Jack Skellington’s legend was easily cemented.
But it’s the trio of trick-or-treaters with whom I most closely relate.
All of its awesomeness makes me want to sit down – and create!

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