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A little insight on me – Eric Brown, TriAd Graphic Artist …

Somewhere along the line I started bringing stuff to work to put in my office, which I commonly refer to as “my room” and it just hasn’t stopped. I’m pretty sure it started with just a poster or two, but that soon became a downward spiral of movie posters, toys, LEGOs and an assortment of odd characters that keep me company. I have a life-size Marvin the Martian and a talking Darth Vader mask on the door to welcome visitors, a light saber, a 6-foot tall tower made of business cards and a couple bowling pins from our team, Split Happens, at this year’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital Rock ‘N Bowl. Then came a mini-bar, it was a natural choice considering our standing tradition of “beer-thirty” every Friday at 3:30, to which you’re all invited. Painting the walls to match our TriAd colors and a shelf dedicated to my love of LEGO Star Wars have been the latest additions to the room where I get my creative on. I really must thank Dave for letting me do all this, I love coming to work, to a room filled with the things that inspire me. So next time you’re in the neighborhood, drop by, the music is always on and the drinks are always cold.


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