Everyone Needs a Little SafetyRail™

Earlier this year, TRIAD was asked to help create some buzz within the construction industry to promote Plastic Safety System’s new product designed for pedestrian safety in construction zones. Specifically, the SafetyRail™ is intended for the sight impaired, as the safety barricade only has “legs” on one side – making it a smooth, continuous pathway for those with canes.

TRIAD created and researched a very specific list of ADA-compliant officers and traffic managers to receive a four-part mailing and series of phone calls to introduce the benefits of the product. A dimensional mailer was at the heart of the campaign, where a miniature version of SafetyRail™ was a pull-out-and-keep piece intended for the recipients’ desk.

With Phase One complete, TRIAD is gearing up to research the next series of ADA-friendly cities to approach.

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