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Meeting your customers where they are is business 101. In the digital age, this means cultivating your brand’s social media presence. As any experienced brand manager can attest, this is much easier said than done.

Building your online audience takes serious time and patience—both of which could be in short supply once all other considerations of running your business are accounted for. Never fear, would-be social media marketer: the social media experts at TriAd have your back. Here are a few shortcuts to help fast track your efforts, grow your audience, and drive engagement for your brand online.

Visual Appeal

Art and copy are the basic building blocks of advertising. The same is true for social media marketing. Art is like a hook for catching the viewer’s attention, directing them to the important information in the text. If your social posts don’t include an image, most of your followers will probably scroll by without taking notice. To optimize your posts’ chances of being seen, be sure to include a relevant, eye-catching image whenever possible.

Consistency is Key

The social media pros at TriAd have everything you need to take your online presence to the next level.

Repetition is another essential element of traditional marketing that carries over to social media strategy. If you want to grow and maintain an audience online, you must post with consistency. For most brands, posting once or more a day is ideal. Regular posting is also crucial for pleasing the algorithms that drive content on the various social platforms. Consistent posters will be shown to a wider audience, while spotty posters get shuffled out of the rotation.

Maintain Brand Voice

Your online presence should serve as a natural extension of your existing brand. Try to craft posts that are consistent with your established brand voice—or use social media to help shape it. Be sure to include your brand colors, style choices, and logo whenever possible to help drive recognition and reinforce your real-world values online.

Interaction is a Must

If your followers are connecting with you content, it’s important to work on those relationships. Replying to comments (and fielding concerns or complaints) is important if you want your brand to appear engaged online. Devote some time to going through the comments sections to shout out your fans or answer questions. This simple step keeps your brand in the conversation and takes your social media presence to the next level.

Engage Through Promotion

Promotions and giveaways are the secret weapon for audience growth. Encouraging your existing followers to tag their friends as part of a giveaway will help grow your audience with like-minded individuals in similar demographics. The cost of goods handed over in a giveaway will yield great returns in follower count. Try running timely contests and polls to boost interaction as well, and you’ll be on your way to growing your audience.

Call in the Pros

The tips above are just a handful of the strategies that must be employed to succeed at social media. If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, let the social media marketing professionals at TriAd handle the heavy lifting while you focus on your core business. Our full-service social media department has everything you need to make a splash online and start connecting with your audience. Contact us today to get started.

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