Fundraising Goal Has Been Reached, Let’s Keep Going!

childrens_tumor_foundationMegan Nowak, TRIAD Publication Sales Representative, has been raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, an organization fighting against Neurofibromatosis. Along side thousands of dedicated people she will be running towards a cure with the NF Endurance Team in the 2009 New York City Marathon. NF is a lifelong genetic disorder that can cause tumors to grow anywhere on or in the body, affecting 1:3,000 newborns. Tumors may develop in the brain or on the spinal cord, leading to learning disabilities in the majority of cases.

With two months left until the marathon Megan and fellow racer and friend Delphine Chauviere are halfway through the training and they have exceeded their fund raising goal of $5,000! Thanks to everyone who has shown their support by donating!

Why stop there? To help them raise as much money as possible for the Children’s Tumor Foundation and support their run you can visit their page at

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