Generating a Steady Flow of Warm Leads with Microsites

In today’s business environment with an ever-growing list of data tools and analytics reports, marketers are pressured to prove ROI of their marketing programs. Many traditional advertising mediums promise enormous impressions, but tracing a sale back to that print ad or billboard is next to impossible. With the growing popularity of digital marketing, businesses can target specific consumers with minimal budget and measurable results.

We’ve partnered with a few of our clients to generate qualified leads with custom microsites – a small website designed to promote one product or service. Many of these microsites feature a simple, interactive quiz designed to engage a potential customer. The quiz ends with the option of submitting basic contact information so that the potential customer can be contacted with additional information or to schedule an appointment. Once a potential customer submits their contact info on the website, an automated email is sent to the client’s sales team to follow up immediately. This way, your product or service is top-of-mind when the customer is ready to buy.

Because these ‘microsites’ do not contain pages upon pages of content, they will rarely rank organically in search engines. Instead, we promote the microsite with digital ads, typically via Google search ads and display ads on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. After a modest initial investment to create the microsite, the only other expense is a few digital ads to promote the site. The monthly digital ad spend can be customized to fit any size budget.

This tactic has proven very effective for one of our clients who is currently building their sixth microsite with TriAd! Converting leads into sales often quickly covers the cost of building and promoting the website. If you’re interested in boosting qualified leads to your sales team, contact TriAd to see if a custom microsite might be the solution you’ve been waiting for!

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