Getting Your Call-to-Action


Here are a few tips to consider when you are writing your next email, and the Call-to-Action.

  1. Stay focused. You want to take advantage of every client interaction, but your main email message will be much more successful if your message isn’t cluttered with multiple call-to-actions.
  2. Say it right off the bat. We’ve all hear of the phrase “above the fold.” This is where the first mention of your call-to-action should be. It should be visible in your client’s preview pane.
  3. Say it often. Make the next step easy for your email recipients. They shouldn’t have to think about what your call-to-action is or search/scroll to find it.
  4. Include multiple methods. You’re likely to receive a better response rate if your call-to-action is simple. People are much more likely to respond to your questionnaire or download a media kit than they are to call you.

Keeping your messages up-front, simple and streamlined with get your point across much faster and more often. In today’s world people want their content delivered fast and to the point. Give them what they want!

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