It was a beautiful fall football Saturday and a few TRIAD associates were testing their culinary skills at the 6th Annual Grill Masters’ Challenge.

Rick Keeler of Team Fishel, one of TRIAD’s most favorite clients, began this grill-off competition with just a few neighbors and friends six years ago.  Last month marked a new high in participation where 12 competitive teams went spatula to spatula to try to win this year’s Soul Chicken themed event.  After the street was blocked off and all grills and tents were rolled in, the party started.

Bob and Kerrie Dawson along with Dave and Teresa Keller entered with a beer can chicken recipe that seemed to be a crowd pleaser with an incredible sauce made from the cooked beer.  However, the competition was exceedingly tough this year as we did not take home any trophies.  The award winner was the dish named, “My honey’s sweet hot thighs” and actually they deserved to win as all participants and neighbors were able to try all the entries one at a time.

Watch out Keeler, for next year (maybe we can do ribs)!

Team Theme Song: Gimme Some Lovin’ | Team Slogan: “Four Fried Chickens & A Coke” | Team Secret Ingredient: Soul Seasoning

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