Harnessing the Power of Custom Publishing for Your Brand

Gone are the days when cultivating an online presence was optional for a brand. Social media, podcasting, search engine optimization and other digitally minded marketing strategies are here to stay. If your brand is struggling to share its message despite a strong online presence, consider a powerful solution that has served as a cornerstone of marketing for generations: print.

Tennessee Roadbuilder: one of the many successful custom publications managed by TriAd.

Contrary to common perception, print is far from dead. Research has shown that readers are 70% more likely to remember businesses seen in print versus online sources.[1] What’s more, reading a message print is more likely to lead to improved recall, more focused attention, and an increased response to the areas of the brain associated with desire and emotion.[2] Due to the modern omnipresence of digital content, the novel, eye-catching qualities of print media stand out all the more.

Along with the inherent attention-grabbing qualities of print, a custom publication gives your brand the invaluable opportunity to speak directly to a target audience. Unlike other forms of advertising, custom publications feel more like the usual forms of media people already consume. This allows your message to be absorbed for its educational or entertainment value, breaking down the barriers that come with traditional ads.

An independent research study[3] has shown that print yields a return on ad spend of $3.94 for every $1 spent. Compare that to a return of just $2.63 per dollar spent on digital advertising, and the power of custom publishing is clear.

Whether it’s a one-off publication, a quarterly magazine, or anything in between, TriAd has the expertise to help your brand make a splash in print. From advertising sales to editorial, design to printing and fulfillment, our publication management services can handle all the details of a magazine, journal or directory that will produce meaningful results for your brand. Visit triad-inc.com/custom-publishing/ to learn more and contact us today to get the ball rolling on a print publication of your own.

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