Happy Holidays from TriAd!

Every year the creative team at TriAd works to come up with a unique holiday gift for our clients. We’ve done all kinds of things. In the last few years there have been holiday cocktails with a custom light bulb-shaped glass. Themed promotional gifts like our movie night in a can and last year when we dedicated a LOT of time making a fun video game where you can have a snowball fight with all of our associates. This year we started kicking around ideas as early as March. But the pandemic proved to be quite a hurdle in our plans. 

As the effects of the pandemic surged through our country, our outlook on what to do for our holiday gift became more and more uncertain. We started this process early in the year and it was impossible to foresee what the condition of our country, health or business would be by the time the holidays arrived. With this in mind, it became clear to us that this year would need to be different.   

2020 has not been kind to many families in our local area. High unemployment rates. Business closures. Challenges resulting from remote learning and remote work. So many have been negatively affected by this year. And some need assistance to get through this time. This is why we’ve taken the opportunity this year to volunteer and give back to the community in lieu of our yearly client holiday gifts.

2020 Charitable Initiatives

The Bountiful Backpack Program

 Tiffany Von Almen, one of the kindest and most respected associates at TriAd, has held a key role in this program. We were happy to help with Bountiful Backpacks’ mission to provide Big Walnut K-12 students and their families with backpacks filled with food items. Bountiful Backpacks is a partnership of 6 churches that run this charity for the schools in the local Big Walnut school district.   


Westerville Area Resource Ministry (WARM)

WARM is one of the most well-known and impactful organizations in the local Westerville area. TriAd was happy to volunteer time to assist in the sorting of donated food products. This organization provides various resources for families living below the federal poverty guidelines.

Mid-Ohio Food Collective

The Mid-Ohio Food Collective does incredible work in the Columbus area providing food for families in need. Much of the food distributed by this organization is fresh, leading towards a healthier future for Columbus families. We were happy to volunteer our time in November to sorting and handing out fresh donated food to families in our city.

You made this possible

The decision to volunteer our time & money this year, instead of providing more gifts to our clients was an easy but weighted decision. It’s because of our clients that we have been in business for 48 years, and it’s because of our clients that we were able to make this choice to give back. YOU have given us the ability to do this. And for this reason, we thank you. And we are sure the families around Big Walnut, Westerville and Columbus thank you as well.   


Wishing the happiest of holidays for you and your family this year!

If one of the above organizations stood out to you, please find more information on how to donate and volunteer at these links:

Bountiful Backpacks – https://bountifulbackpacks.com/

WARM – https://warmwesterville.org/

Mid-Ohio Food Collective – https://www.midohiofoodbank.org/

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