Home Sweet Home

We wandered the desert for forty years until we found our current home at 371 County Line Rd. W, Westerville. Okay is wasn’t the desert, it was Busch Boulevard and to be accurate is was 33 years. TriAd started in 1972 as a traditional advertising agency just off Busch Boulevard when The Continent was happening and the French Market (yes, I did just say that???) was hopping.

We grew in many ways through the years. Our services morphed, always adjusting to the needs of clients, technology and changing times. Which is why in 2005 we found ourselves dreaming of a new home. We dedicate our careers to crafting creative campaigns, marketing materials and videos that fit our clients’ needs to a tee. Why not design a building that fit our needs to a tee? Well that’s just what we did! Building our own place allowed us to dream big and plan ahead. What was next, what could we offer clients – exciting services like our in-house HD video edit suite with a complete audio recording studio.

And then there’s the size advantage. TriAd is a perfectly sized agency able to provide a wealth of marketing, digital, web and video services without out-sourcing. You can keep your brand under one roof yet we don’t come with the overhead that large shops often carry.

Continuously evolving services, state-of-the-art technologies and just the right number of marketing people doing great things – we think it’s an awesome combination. New digs helped make it all happen and today it’s become a special place for all of us.

So we like to celebrate things around here—a lot!  And because 7 is a pretty lucky number, I say why not celebrate this week being the 7th anniversary of TriAd moving into our Home Sweet Home!

One more note … as we let the celebrations continue please Save-the-Date for our 40th Anniversary Event coming September 28, 2012. Stay tuned more for details.

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