How Many Website Pop-Ups Are Too Many?

When you enter a website, there is usually at least one pop-up asking you to enter your email address or some other form of contact information. We typically close out of them or enter the information and move forward with our browsing until we go to another page and the next pop-up reminds you about the last pop-up image you just saw. While pop-ups can be helpful to the company, at what point do they become an issue to the user?

Make Them Worth It

If you are interrupting a user’s experience, it better be worth it. Make sure the information or offer that is being presented is worth potentially losing this set of eyes.

Do Not Use Pop-Ups on Mobile Sites

This feels like it should be a no-brainer but pop-ups on mobile devices are difficult and can be very clunky. Since most users are using mobile devices, find a way to work this out without technical issues.

website pop-up

Choose Wisely

What’s worse than a pop-up you don’t want? A pop-up you don’t want on every page. In order to keep these limited, be selective on which pages they’re going. If you have one upon entry, try to keep additional pop-ups to two or less throughout the entire site.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

While pop-ups can lead to a decent ROI, they can also cause less desirable outcomes. There is no magic formula for website pop-ups—you must do what works best for your company. If you can prove that the leads you’re getting from pop-ups are more than you’re losing by turning users off from your content, then go ahead. Getting a few leads isn’t worth damaging your brand’s reputation or risking an ad blocker from allowing the user into the site.

Final Decision

Ultimately adding pop-ups to your website is your decision. If you can justify your choice, pop-ups can be a great addition to a landing page. Try to keep the number and type of pop-ups reasonable and you should be in good shape to use pop-ups as a lead generator. If you’re considering adding pop-ups or interstitials to your website, consult with our experts to plan the perfect message and placement.

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