How to Create a Custom Puzzle

Thoughtful, creative gifts for the holiday season will never go out of style. For a gift that will delight friends, family, and business associates alike, consider creating your own custom puzzle. Custom puzzles are a great way to showcase your personality or send a special holiday greeting in an engaging package. It’s also easier than you might think to have a puzzle of your very own designed, printed, and delivered straight to your door.

Interested in creating your own custom puzzle for a gift or another special occasion? Use the following tips to get started.

TriAd’s custom holiday puzzle was a huge hit with our clients.

Choose a printing service

You have many options when it comes to selecting a service to print your puzzle. From websites that specialize in custom puzzle creation to the photo stand at your local pharmacy, different outlets provide a range of customizable options and features to bring your creation to life.

Before finalizing your puzzle’s design, it is important to choose a printing service that can match your desired goals for the project. Many services will allow you to customize each variable, from number of pieces, size, and board quality to the puzzle’s finish and even custom packaging. Carefully explore your options and choose a service that gives you the control to make your custom gift a success.

Choose a Design

Once you have chosen a printer that can deliver your puzzle’s desired features, it’s time to select a design. This is where you can let your personality shine. Detailed images that are complex enough to provide a challenge without being too busy will work best in a puzzle format. Work with a graphic designer to create custom art that conveys your desired message or employ stock images to get the job done. Even a photo can make for a great puzzle. The design is entirely up to you—just be sure to choose something compelling that people will want invest time in assembling.

Enjoy the results

A custom puzzle is an original gift that lets recipients engage with your brand or messaging in a hands-on way. For our annual Christmas gift to our clients, TriAd designed a puzzle featuring custom artwork complete with professional packaging. Many of our client’s logos were hidden throughout the image, creating a scavenger hunt twist for additional fun. We even produced a digital version of the puzzle that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Try it for yourself here!

Custom puzzles make a hands-on branded gift.

A custom puzzle is a creative gift that lets you express your creativity and show your gratitude to friends, family, and business contacts. TriAd’s puzzle was a big hit with our clients and marks another successful entry in our long history of unique holiday gifts. If you need help creating a high-quality puzzle to serve as a future gift, our team is standing by to assist! For any creative gift you may have in mind, TriAd’s custom branding services can handle each step of the process from design to delivery. Visit our promotional services page to learn more.

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