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Blogs are everywhere. If you ask Google a question, chances are it will bring up a couple blogs relevant to what you asked. Blogs are informative, a quick read and improve SEO, which is why a lot of companies have a blog on their website. Blogs are important here at TriAd Marketing & Media, we take pride in the writing we do for our own blog and our clients’ blogs.

Recently one of our web developers, Brian Canini, hosted an SEO workshop for the TriAd employees to help us improve our blog’s SEO. He offered so much insightful advice and we have already seen vast improvement in our SEO. Here are some of the improvements that Brian told us to make.

  1. Use Google Keyword Planner. Whether you have been writing a blog for some time, or just started, it is important to know your target audience. The interest of your target audience will determine the topic of your blog. Then you can use Google Keyword Planner to find which keywords are the strongest and include them in your blog. Make sure to include the keyword in the title of the blog and in the permalink.
  2. Try not to have long blocks of text in your blog. Break it up by using different paragraphs, bullet points, lists or numbers. This will keep readers on the page. It is hard to hold the reader’s attention if they look at your blog and just see one big box of text. A good rule of thumb is keeping it to one idea per paragraph.
  3. Include internal and external links. If you are directing your readers to a different page on your website, include the link to make it easier for them. This will keep you from losing readers while improving your SEO at the same time. If you got your information for the blog from somewhere else, then make sure to include those links. Even if you are directing readers towards other sites, Google, and the reader, will both appreciate that you are helping the reader as much as possible.

These are just a few ways to improve your blog’s SEO, make sure to check our blog regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends. A huge thank you to Brian for all of this help information!

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