Improving SEO Part Two: Advertising Blog Posts

Do you want your blog to be seen by more people? You’ve spent hours researching and writing this blog. Now it is time to show off your hard work. Writing the blog is half the battle of posting a blog, the other half is getting that blog seen and read by as many people as you can out there on the internet.

Social Media

The first place people usually turn to post it is social media. Facebook and Twitter are two great places for blog posts. It is helpful to make a title that really stands out to your readers and makes them want to read your blog. A picture that goes along with the text is another helpful way to get reader’s attention. Since it is the norm to post on twitter 2-3 times a day, you can tweet your blog out multiple times as long as the text included with the link is different every time. No one wants to see the same tweet over and over again, that could cause a decrease in followers.


Have you ever used Reddit? Reddit’s slogan is “the face of the internet”, so if you haven’t used it before, now would be a great time to start! Reddit has different categories called ‘sub reddits’, which have different topics for people to post interesting articles to. Once you post your article to a certain sub reddit, it will either gets votes up or down. If people find your article interesting, they will click on the up arrow and if they do not like it they will give it the down arrow. It is okay if you get the down arrow, it is the internet after all. The up arrow will keep your article to the first page of the sub reddit for longer, so the more the better. When you are using Reddit, it is important to be interactive and show that you have a presence on there. You don’t want to just login, post the article and leave. Reddit will start to pick up on that and label you as spam which will hinder you from posting future articles.


StumbleUpon is very similar to Reddit. There are different categories that pertain to many different topics. The first step would be finding the category closest to what your blog post is about.  Unlike Reddit where you can post the same link multiple times, you can only post the link once on StumbleUpon. Just like Facebook and Twitter, it is important to choose a picture that relates to the blog and a good title in hopes that will lead to more people clicking on your link.

These sites take time, you need to grow your profile in order to look more credible. This may seem like a lot of work but these can be great places to post your blogs in order for them to be seen by more people. A huge thanks to our web developer, Brian Canini, for these helpful tips. Happy blogging!

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