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Traditional, Conventional, Standard – these are not words heard in the halls of TriAd. You are more likely to hear – Creative, Inspired, Custom.

TriAd stands out from other marketing firms and advertising agencies because of our wealth of capabilities and services. (It’s not just because of our crazy Creative talents.) Starting in 1986 with one publication, Ohio Contractor magazine, our Publications Department was born. More than 15 trade-related titles across seven states later, we have honed our skills to suit the individual needs of each of our clients. Producing meaningful publications that get our client’s messages in front of their target audience and better their business, association or industry as a whole, is our specialty.

We have publication production covered – cover to cover, as we offer advertising sales, writing, editing, art services, layout, print production and mail service management. Each client and publication is approached uniquely. What are their needs? What are they trying to tell their readers? What message are they promoting? And which of our services will best help accomplish their goals? All of our publications are set-up to be at least a break-even model, and in many cases, profitable. Meaning our sales representatives generate leads and sell the advertising space that not only supports the publication, giving our client a “free” magazine, but also leaves cash in their pocket. What an Inspired, win-win concept!

What sets us apart from large publishing houses? We can handle everything from sales to printing for you, so that you can focus on doing business. However, you still OWN your publication. It is your message, your content and your direction – YOUR final say. It is our core belief that Custom publications that fit your business or association’s exact needs are what works and what sells.


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