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Live streaming

How to start a live stream?

The current COVID-19 pandemic presents a very serious risk for many of the older members of the congregation attending All Saints Lutheran Church on High Street in Worthington, Ohio, so services have been replaced with streamed video to broadcast their services. On Sunday, March 15, the large sanctuary was occupied only by Pastor Gerber and a single videographer from Triad Marketing & Media. The service consisted of a few readings from the Bible, several prayers, announcements and a timely sermon from Pastor Gerber about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and social distancing.

On March 22, the service will be live streamed to the whole congregation in real-time. Live streaming can seem like a daunting task, but it’s a simple process. In fact, at TriAd we only bring a couple additional small pieces of equipment to the production and the process is not very different than a recording session. With the bottom-tier connection speeds by the major internet service providers, we have more than enough bandwidth to stream from just about anywhere with a Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Live streaming offers a unique advantage to filming, not just because of the instant accessibility to the video feed, but also because it virtually removes all editing time. Our setup allows for transitions between photos, cameras and any other media needed for reference during the live stream. Depending on the channel or platform (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), when the live stream is finished, it is saved by the hosting platform and is available just like any other video-on-demand link.

The pandemic continues to have a large impact on organizations and businesses that thrive on group involvement. Trade shows and expositions across the country have been cancelled or postponed. For many of these events, postponing to later in the year or skipping this year entirely is the outcome. But, live streaming could be a way for people to social distance and still interact with events they may be missing otherwise.

To inquire about our live streaming capabilities, or to live-stream your event in the Columbus area, please send us a message or call us at (614) 846-8761.

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