Lunch & Learn presented by Domtar

As a full-service marketing agency, print marketing is essential to us and our clients. Last week, our employees here at TriAd Marketing & Media attended a Lunch & Learn presented by Domtar. Here at TriAd, we are dedicated to furthering the knowledge of what is going on in all different industries that related to our line of work, the paper industry being one of those. It is important for our employees to know about the finest products on the market so we can better serve our clients.

Another part of being in the marketing industry is seeing how the evolution of technology has altered the services that we offer our clients. Some examples include social media, email marketing, digital marketing and much more. One of the takeaways from the Lunch & Learn was the infographic shown to the right, which shows print by the numbers. Some of the statistics include:

  • 75% still prefer traditional promotional materials
  • 70% prefer to read on paper
  • 44% visit a brand’s website after receiving direct mail
  • 24% share print articles
  • 23% save print articles

The infographic includes other amazing statistics about how even in this technologically advanced society, print still and will always play a significant role.

The Future of Print

This was another important topic that was discussed, how print is keeping up with the evolving technology. Now that nearly everyone has a smartphone, print’s bag of tricks helps marketers enable and improve mobile advertising. With the advent of Near Field Communications, print can send your message directly to your customer’s device. This does not just involve sending the consumer to a website; you can also send offers, files, and videos or even activate augmented reality apps.

Cross-channel marketing

This is a concept that is key for customer engagement and brand awareness. Cross-channel marketing uses multiple channels and presents a unified message that crosses all of them. The benefit to customers is an increased opportunity to engage and ultimately trust the brand. Whatever medium you are using, make sure your message is the same throughout.

Overall it was a great Lunch & Learn, our employees took so much away and we can’t wait to relay all the information to our customers. A special thanks to Brian Krampe from Domtar for the wonderful presentation! Check out Domtar’s website for yourself here:

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