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While we perhaps can’t reach the gold standard set by Jonathan Goldsmith’s character in the Dos Equis® commercials, we strongly believe reading TriAd Marketing & Media’s custom published magazines just might make you one of the more-interesting people in the room.

Goldsmith’s character, who identified as “The Most Interesting Man in the World” for nearly 10 years for the Mexican beer company – which interestingly was founded by a German-born brewer – provided memorable lines from 2006-2016, such as:

  • “He has inside jokes with complete strangers”
  • “He once brought a knife to a gunfight … just to even the odds”
  • “When he drives a car off the lot, its price increases in value”

Memorable, informative articles for more than 35 years

TriAd Marketing & Media’s custom-written articles have been informing, instructing and entertaining its clients’ memberships for more than 35 years. While “The Most Interesting Man” may have provided memorable quotes and memes, TriAd’s articles have been written with the intention of being memorable as well.

TriAd produces nearly 30 publications each year for clients throughout the U.S. Once our clients provide the article ideas they would like to inform their audiences about, we get to work researching, writing, editing, selling the advertising and designing the publication. And if you have trouble coming up with content topics, we are more than willing to help generate and suggest trending editorial ideas.

Custom-written articles ranging from the opioid epidemic to cybersecurity

Recently, our publication staff has enjoyed providing interesting information – both through words and graphics – on a variety of topics, such as:

  • The opioid epidemic, and the toll it is taking in your industry – one in 10 U.S. companies has had an employee die of an overdose
  • Job site thefts, and ways to protect your equipment – figures show that only about 20% of reported thefts are recovered
  • The importance of the states’ and nation’s secondary roads system – did you know that of the nearly 400 roads crossing Ohio’s state line, eight of every 10 are locally owned and maintained?
  • And, sadly, since you’ve been reading this blog, five businesses or individuals have fallen victim to a cyberattack. In our article on Cybersecurity, we informed readers how to safeguard themselves, their families and companies
  • We also have an unblinking eye to the future, as we have looked at how we may be getting place to place on the horizon by autonomous vehicles, smart roads, solar roads and – we are working on an article about – how we may travel surface speeds of 700 mph by the Hyperloop

Let TriAd’s custom-written and custom-published magazines quench your thirst for interesting information. “Stay reading my friends.”

You can find out more about TriAd’s custom publishing capabilities by visiting If you have questions about how we may assist getting your message across contact us at

If you enjoyed the long-running series of Dos Equis® commercials featuring Jonathan Goldsmith, check out this list of 102 of the best Most Interesting Man in the World Quotes.

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