Many Assisted Living Facilities Missing the Boat but TRIAD can Help

By Steve Johnston, TRIAD Writer and Business Coach

assisted_livingI am deeply concerned about the care provided to our older citizens. Partly from having cared for both my parents and in laws, and part from my experience having previously owned and operated a firm that provided in-home care for seniors.

Owning a homecare company provided me with a solid understanding of the eldercare market, and the interplay between families, their loved ones, and the management of the process. It is this intimate knowledge and insight that I bring to TRIAD’s marketing services.

The growing need for senior housing and care is clear and indisputable. In the past 10-15 years, there has been a push to build Assisted Living Facilities (ALF’s) across the country to provide services to seniors while still allowing them a level of independence.

The challenge comes for ALF’s in informing the marketplace exactly what they do and that they are not a “nursing home”. They are much more, and they provide an active lifestyle opportunity but they need to tell their story more clearly, and use more sophisticated marketing tools that help the families realize it is the best choice for care, attention and socialization.

At TRIAD, we believe in helping clients increase revenues. To do this we feel ALF’s must do a better job of telling the story and portraying what life there is really like and how the senior can benefit from its services.

TRIAD put our communication planning and creative execution to work within this industry when working with Ohio Hospice & Palliative Care Organization and Ohio Home Care Organization to increase awareness, promote the benefits of the organizations and drive membership levels.

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