Mobile garners 40% of Email Clicks

According to a study by Yesmail Interactive, mobile clicks now account for nearly 40% of all email clicks. Consumer preference for mobile devices has increased dramatically over the past few years and marketers have been paying attention. As consumers depend more and more on smartphones and tablets, marketers have adjusted by utilizing responsive design in their emails, building mobile-friendly landing pages and optimizing the mobile path-to-purchase. Their efforts are paying off. The Yesmail Interactive study, which compared data from 2013 and 2014, included these findings:

  • Mobile conversion rate (purchase resulting from an email click) grew by 70% while desktop conversion rate declined by 4%
  • Mobile revenue share grew by a third and made up 20% of all email-generated revenue
  • Share of orders completed on mobile devices grew by 21% of all email-generated orders
  • Average order value (AOV) for mobile grew by 28%, doubling the annual growth of desktop AOV

The report concludes that, “In the fast-changing landscape of email marketing, adapting to new trends and evolving consumer preferences will remain the key winning strategy for smart marketers.” Can’t say it any better than that!

For a great summary of the study, check out “40% Of Email Clicks On Mobile” from the Center for Media Research.

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