Online Marketing is all about Great Content!

I just read an article featuring 11 tips for building an effective email list for your business.  While all the tips are helpful and right on target, the first one really caught my eye – “Attract and interact with your audience using quality content.”   The need for first-rate content seems obvious and certainly applies far beyond email marketing.  However, content development is often trumped by a fascination with the newest social media channel or the latest and greatest analytics.  But the truth is that relevant, engaging content is what makes online marketing work.  Without it, our email campaigns, web pages, blog posts and social media activities simply don’t amount to much.

Compelling content that educates, entertains, or provokes fresh thinking is a winner.  It encourages people to interact with us and keeps them coming back for more.  And this holds true whether we are talking about e-mail marketing, websites, social media, SEO or online advertising.  Engaging, high quality content helps us build relationships that ultimately convert sales prospects to loyal customers.  It’s that important and that powerful!

Check out “How to Build a Killer Email Marketing List for Your Business” for some great information.  But don’t let the title fool you.  The article focuses on email marketing but the author builds the case for having great content in every online platform that we use!

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