CNBC has picked up a press release written by the TRIAD public relations team for Flight Options of Cleveland, Ohio. Flight Options is introducing a fractional jet ownership program for a new super-light jet called the Phenom 300.

How did we get this great press coverage for our client? We timed the press release to coincide with a current issue or hot topic in the news today. In this case, we give the press something positive to say about private jet travel during these challenging, post-bailout economic times.

Every week it seems you read another story about corporations taking it on the chin for using their private jets to fly executives. But with constant pressure to increase productivity and reduce costs, what’s a corporation to do? We wanted to offer the other side of the story to give the press an opportunity for more balanced coverage on the topic.

In this press release, we suggest a way for corporations to trade in their corporate jet albatross for an option with a much lower capital expense commitment and a much lower cost per hour to fly. .. Flight Options Phenom Fractional Jet Ownership program. Notice how we weave in quotes from the VP Sales and Marketing when program details become more subjective.

Click below to see the release:
Will Corporations Ever Feel Good About Flying Private Jets Again?
Flight Options Introduces Program to Reenergize the Private Jet Travel Market.


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