Productivity Consultant Becomes More Consistent

After Michael McVey painted the new Worthington, Ohio, offices for ClearView Management Resources, he began hanging hand drawn posters on the walls that contained the catch phrases he had developed over nearly 20 years as a consultant and human resources trainer, often using them as examples in his presentations to visitors.

When his wife, Karen, began working on the marketing needs of the organization she looked into having the hand printed signs produced more professionally. With TRIAD in the process of developing a new brand identity and Web site for ClearView, it was natural to have us address the poster designs for the office, as well as at the many personal appearances and speeches that Michael was giving.

TRIAD’s Business Development Strategist, Steve Johnston, worked with ClearView to develop symbols that relate to the topics for the posters, and then worked with the client on copy that could be digested quickly at trade shows or exhibits. These symbols included tin cans connected by string (communications), empty suits of clothes (effective hiring and training), a well-used baseball (being ready to execute change), an accelerating jet (bringing new hires onboard quickly), scrolls of papyrus (learning that lasts), a gavel (employment law), and a compass (setting organizational direction). TRIAD Graphic Designer, Eric Brown, presented a crisp rendition of each that allowed readers to get to the point quickly.

At the very first exhibit, many people wanted to know about ClearView and the great posters they were using. The professionalism and the creative spark used by TRIAD creative team members helped make the posters a big hit. The same images are being used on the newly designed Web site ( that will be re-launched soon.

What started as a decorating project in their offices is now a fully integrated communications system that is flexible and has wide applications.

Clearview office posters R6-10236.indd

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