Rolling with Mickey D – Advertising at its Very Best

Every once in a while you come across a really great advertising campaign, the kind that simply knocks your socks off.  It happened to me the other day while traveling the I-270 beltway around Columbus.  A hefty semi-truck rolled past and settled in just ahead and one lane over.  Part of McDonald’s familiar red delivery fleet, the truck graphics featured the award-winning “Quality in Motion” campaign.

The rear doors featured a mouth-watering photo of Mickey D’s golden French fries bursting from the signature red carton.  Large size, of course!  Above the photo, two words:  No Passing.  It was an irresistible command, ordering me – and everyone else nearby – to exit the highway at the next golden arches and stop for a bite.

Bold, compelling, delicious!  Launched in 2010, the “Quality in Motion” campaign included variations for the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, Egg McMuffin and McCafe shakes.  The product-as-hero ads remain just as fresh and effective today, a perfect blend of smart design, exquisite photography, powerful copy and perfect media placement.  This is a timeless campaign that captures advertising at its very best.  Enjoy! It doesn’t get much better.


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