Search Engine Optimization Boost with Digital Ads

How to be the first site listed on Google search? This should be the goal of every business. The question is how to get there? There are a number of ways to get listed higher in searches, such as: making your site mobile-friendly, updating content often and consistently, researching keywords and placing them strategically on the site, updating your Google business account. These things take time. Time for the developers to implement them. Time for your customers to visit the site and change behavior. Time for the search engines to notice the change in content and user behavior. Digital ads allow you to skip the line and get website traffic now.

Stop Waiting!

Even though it takes time for SEO changes on a website to be implemented and get noticed from the search engines, no one wants to wait. And no waiting is required with Search ads. These ads allow your website to be listed in the top of search results instantly every time your business, products and/or services are searched. This is a great chance to hit that high SEO ranking even while waiting for your website to rank high organically.

Where to Start?

Thankfully, the first step isn’t always the hardest. It all starts with generating a list of researched keywords and phrases to best match with your audience. We offer keyword research as a perk to all clients, but we know that no one understands your customers better than you. Through this coordinated effort, the keywords will be matched with ad text and search targeting. From there you can uncover who is more likely to make an order, what time of day they usually search online, what keywords they use, where they are located and what demographic they fit into. These can all be optimized to hit an audience that is most likely to make the sale.  Depending on the complexity of the campaigns, for most businesses we can have the search ads approved and running within a single day.

As an added perk, TriAd provides our digital clients with monthly analytics reports that include everything you need to know:

  • How many clicks your ads are getting?
  • Your audience’s demographic
  • What city they are located in?
  • What search terms were used?
  • What keywords we used to find them?
  • And much, much more.

Some digital agencies will only tell half of the story. Once you start asking about “where does the money go?” and “how much traffic can I expect with this dollar figure?” many agencies will not give a direct answer. We believe in full transparency with these reports. If there is any specific data you need, we will find a way to get it to you. You can compare the data month-over-month to see how the campaigns grow and change over time.

What Happens After Starting?

At TriAd, all ad campaigns are monitored on a daily basis. Search terms are monitored to make sure the right people are clicking on the ads and to make sure the demographics/location/time of day is optimal for your audience. Ads are monitored to make sure they stay relevant, approved and reflect the landing pages. We also monitor campaign budgets to make sure every marketing dollar is being utilized. By doing all of this, the campaigns become more and more efficient and we often see ad clicks increase over time.

Have you ever been curious about what search ads can do for your business? Call or visit us online today to hear about what we’ve achieved for our clients.

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