Search Marketing Map 2014 has something for everyone!

When most of us think of “Search”, Google comes to mind instantly. And rightly so! Google remains the most widely used search engine by far with Yahoo! and Bing placing a distant 2nd and 3rd. But that’s only part of the story. The general search engines are only one element of an incredibly broad search marketing landscape that includes video search, paid search, local search, web analysis tools and much more. And while components of the Google family show up in many categories, there are plenty of choices outside of the Google brand as well.

The folks at Overdrive Interactive have brought everything together in their Search Marketing Map 2014. They have compiled a neat “visual representation of the sites and tools that comprise the current world of digital search marketing.” The PDF format includes live hyperlinks to all listed items making it a handy reference indeed. Best of all it’s free and intended for sharing!  So check it out, put it to good use and, by all means, pass it on!

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