Selling with e-mail

When using e-mail to contact your prospective client, PERSONALIZE the subject line when you can.

If another client gave you the lead, use their name in the subject.

Example: “Joe Higgins asked me to contact you,” instead of “Super sale this week” which usually goes to a spam folder.

Get to know the gatekeeper when you can and your subject can read: “Maureen asked me to pass this on to you.”

Another way to get attention is personalized information for the company you are trying to sell. Send them a link to a website, an article that you read, or let them know about a seminar coming to town that relates to their industry. You are now helping them, not just selling to them and they are more inclined to get back to you.

We’re not saying this will close the deal, but it makes the process one step easier.

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