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Did you know that out of the 7 billion people that live on earth, 2.3 billion of them are active on social media, with that number growing daily. With so many people already on social media, and more people growing their networks each day, it is crucial that your brand has a social media presence. Here are a few reasons:

So why use social media? For any and all of the following reasons:

  • Supports long-term business growth
  • Customer service
  • Building relationships
  • Audience engagement
  • Brand awareness

As with any aspect of your business, you want to have a strategy behind what you are doing and why you are doing it. Social media tends to be an afterthought for so many organizations, resulting in inconsistencies with content and frequency. Let’s take a look at why a social media strategy is important:

Why is a social media strategy important?

  • Every single one of the posts that you post to the public is a key extension of your brand.
  • You do not want to create an inconsistency for your audience by just posting periodically. Consistency is key.
  • You want to provide some type of structure for those operating your social media.
  • To outline your social media goals (brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, drive sales) and create steps to achieving them.

One of the first things you want to do in your social media strategy is find your voice. Are you going to be formal, friendly, funny? How are you going to approach your social media? The top reasons why people unfollow brands/do not follow brands in the first place all have to do with voice. Some of those reasons include: too many promotional messages, information not relevant, they tweet too much and finally use of jargon/slang that does not fit the brand.  In order to find your voice starting creating a list of adjectives your brand is not. Then you’ll find out what your brand is! Remember to keep your voice and content consistent.

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