Social Media Part 2: Tweeting Your Way to New and Happy Clients

twitter_logoI’m sure most of you have seen the Verizon commercial where the dad is using his new phone to post on Twitter, “I’m sitting on the porch,” and his children are completely embarrassed and annoyed with their dad’s attempt to jump on the social network bandwagon.

Twitter, what is it? Basically you can broadcast your thoughts or opinions in 140 characters or less. Twitter can be an extremely powerful tool for entrepreneurs who now have the ability to connect with people they otherwise would never have been able to. Twitter has around 6 million users and is projected to triple the users in 2010. Basically, Twitter is considered microblogging.

You can find new prospects, make new contacts in your industry, stay informed, build your brand and drive traffic to your Web site. To get started, sign up for a Twitter account and brand your page.

The key is to gain new followers to make Twitter a marketing tool that works for you. A way to gain new followers is to place a twitter badge on your Blog, Web site and/or Facebook Fan Page. Twitter is more fun and beneficial when you follow people and they follow you. The more people you follow, the more information you can learn and have questions answered.

Be sure to follow both local and national news. You may find out local information and news via Twitter way before the 6 o’clock news broadcast. Also be sure to find others in your field to follow. They could have breaking industry news as well.

Need more information about Twitter as a tool for your business? Check out Twitter 101 from the folks at Twitter … and get Tweeting!

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