Social Media Part 4: YouTube for Your Business

youtube logoYouTube is more than videos of little kids being silly, bridal parties dancing down the aisle and dogs on skateboards. You may not have given it much thought, but YouTube can also be an extremely effective social  networking tool for your business. In March of 2009, YouTube had reached 100 million viewers. TRIAD has recently started using YouTube to link our video and audio productions to our blog to share with our readers.

Now, the question is… what to post on YouTube for your company? Well, there’s a wide range of topics.

Presentations. If you’re at a larger company, it’s a great way to communicate with the staff that is off-site who work from home or are in satellite offices.

Marketing. From audio to video share your message with potential clients!

Events. Does you company participate in local community events or even hold your own? For those who weren’t able to attend, it’s a great way to share the event with them.

Training. Does your company offer training videos for your employees? It’s a great refresher for your staff to easily access the video when they need additional information.

Don’t forget to participate in the YouTube active community. Comment on other videos and join in groups that are related to your area. Make sure when setting up your YouTube profile that you include your Web site and about me information so that potential clients can find you once they stumble across your videos!

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