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Social Media marketing is becoming more and more important in today’s business environment. Having active social media platforms are nearly as critical as a professional website. Many customers will search for a social media page before making contact and there are few better ways to get your message out to existing clients than to pop up in their news feed. Regular social media posts can also direct more visitors to your website and will greatly improve your SEO.

Many business owners struggle to dedicate the time needed to maintain an active social media presence. TriAd’s social media management services allow our clients to focus on their day-to-day business. TriAd creates relevant and fun posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. We can help you find the right platform and message for your target audience. We have a dedicated social media staff with a wide variety of industry experience.

Social media may seem simple, but there is a science to a great post. Using engaging visuals, adding appropriate hashtags and even strategic posting days and times are all key factors in maximizing engagement. It’s also important to engage in liking, commenting and sharing with other businesses to grow your audience. When you’re ready to expand your reach even further, we can develop a social media ad campaign to help you achieve your objectives.

LinkedIn – Informative posts, fun posts, advertising and boosting. This platform is unparalleled in the professional demographic and can target users based on industry, job title and position in an organization.

Facebook – Informative posts, fun posts, advertising and boosting your message. This platform is great for the 30+ demographic and can target users based on interests.

Instagram – Fun posts, visual posts, advertising and boosting. This platform is a favorite for the 18-30 age demographic and can target users based on interests.

Snapchat – Don’t forget about those Snap Stories! 24 hours does not seem like a long time in business, but if your audience uses Snapchat then the demand for this regularly occurring 24-hour content will be high.

Twitter - Hit the wall with content and see what sticks, this is a great tool to broadcast everything going on at your business and in your industry! This audience expects to see you a lot and you don’t want to fall behind the competitors.

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